Hungry Chick Dieting Solution

About The Author... Just Who Is Chef Jai Scovers 

Chef Jai Scovers (pronounced Jay Scoh-Vers) is a trained gourmet chef and a graduate of the world famous Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, where she was trained in every aspect of the food industry, including food selection, recipe development and menu planning and the nutritional value of food.

Chef Jai has worked to develop her skills in such well known and recognized dining establishments, as the famed Stephen Starr restaurants to Harrah’s Showboat Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

She currently holds her nationally recognized ServSafe certification. This certification demonstrates her ability and commitment to food safety, in the areas of storage, preparation, cleaning and sanitizing and cooking.  

Chef Jai Scovers is an advocate in the fight against preventing food borne illnesses and raising awareness about healthy eating. She also is also a supporter of women based charities.

Proceeds from the sale of every copy of this book sold will go to support several charitable efforts, including, but not limited to, the race to find a cure for breast cancer, ending domestic violence and supporting local food banks to feed hungry families.

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