Hungry Chick Dieting Solution

The Reviews Are In For "The Hungry Chick Dieting Solution..." 


                                                             And It's Official, It Actually Works! 

"I don't usually write reviews but I had to say something about this book. After about three weeks of using "The Hungry Chick Dieting Solution," I can honestly say that this will be the last diet book or weight loss program that I will ever buy. Let me tell you why. For the last five years, since I gave birth to my daughter, I have been so embarrassed about all of the weight that I gained that I have literally spent the last five years hiding under baggy clothes because of a shelf filled with diet books that really didn't work.

I was so hungry with most of them that I just gave up. I was so hungry trying to keep up with some of them that every meal became a challenge. Then I found this book and when I saw the name of it, I thought that somebody was playing a cruel joke on me. Then I found out the truth about this book. "The Hungry Chick Dieting Solution" actually works. It really does work.

What I was expecting was another diet book filled with a bunch of hype, a lot of food restrictions and some big changes. What I got instead was an easy to read, affordable and really simple way to lose weight from somebody that has actually been there and done that. She even shows you how to keep it off. The best part is that for once I stopped feeling so hungry and guess what, I have actually lost eleven pounds. Eleven real pounds and I have never felt so good about myself.

My husband and I didn't believe it either at first. I had to step off the scale and step back on again to make sure that we saw the number correctly. I didn't even feel bad that I woke my husband up screaming when I first stepped on the scale and I saw how much weight I lost. I think the chapter about salt is what changed my life. Who knew that thing about salt and whole milk or even the thing about salt and chicken? I know now.

You should have also seen me in the supermarket the first time after starting this. I actually saw a Red Velvet cake and laughed. You'll understand why after you read this book. This book is filled with so many great ideas, tips and so much encouragement. Hands down though, the best part of this book has to be about drinking enough water. It really isn't the eight to ten glasses that people would tell you to drink. I love water, but even I wasn't drinking enough. This book even helped me learn how to use water not Midol to deal with my monthly bloating.

The part of the book about forgiveness is also worth its weight in gold. I have even taught my daughter about the no thank you bites. I also got my sister to try this book and she too has struggled with her weight. She has already lost three pounds. This book would is a good idea for anybody trying to eat better. For the first time in my life, I am actually losing weight, real weight and it feels good. If you are serious about losing weight, you owe it to yourself to buy this book and see the results for yourself." 

                                                   - Natalie "Keira's Mom" Mattheson, An Verified Purchase

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